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Default Instructions for how to boot the STHS client on Mac

Ok guys I'm actually out at my cabin on vacation right now and I haven't really found the opportunity to write up a guide just yet so I'm actually going to link the guide that I used to set up the STHS client on my Macbook Pro.

In case this website ever goes kaput here's what that website says:

**** UPDATED Friday, 9th December, 2016 ****

** RE-INSTALLED onto a mid 2010 MacBook Pro running MacOSX 10.10.5 (Yosemite)

1) Install XQuartz

This will work for any MacOSX version after 10.6.3

2) Install Mono Framework

Select the MACOSX version --

3) Download the STHS MONO Client

For this install, I used STHS Client V3 for Mac and Linux Only - v3.3.0

4) Unzip the file you downloaded in Step 3. After unzipping, move the Client (SimonTHockeySimulator.exe) into your main user folder on your Mac.

In your Mac Finder it is the MAIN directory, in my case it's my name, it has the little house icon, it's the base directory for the computer, other folders include your Documents, Downloads, Applications etc., folders.

Included in the zip folder with SimonTHockeySimulator.exe is a readme.txt file. READ IT. It's helpful. I've included the instructions from here below, as it helped me.

5) Download the .stc league file and move it into the same folder as your SimonTHockeySimulator.exe file. THESCORPION NOTE: this is the home folder!

This is the file you get from your league, with all your players.

NOTE: In our case this file is called

6) Rename the file SimonTHockeySimulator.exe, that you had already moved into your main folder.

If you downloaded v2 of the file, change the name of SimonTHockeySimulator.exe to SimonTHockeySimulator-v2.exe.

If you downloaded v3 of the file, change the name of SimonTHockeySimulator.exe to SimonTHockeySimulator-v3.exe.

NOTE: It will be v3.

7) Open XQuartz (found in your APPLICATIONS folder UTILITIES)

Once XQuartz is open, look under the Applications pull-down menu (in the task bar at the top of your screen, next to the apple logo), and click on APPLICATIONS, and select TERMINAL (or just hit CMD-N)

8) A terminal window will open (called "xterm") and in the window you will see this:


TYPE into the window the follow

mono SimonTHockeySimulator-v3.exe

thescorpion note: if this doesn't work, try typing mono --arch=32 SimonTHockeySimulator-v3.exe

(or mono SimonTHockeySimulator-v2.exe if you're running version 2)

9) I got a warning inside the terminal window of QuartzX, saying "WARNING: The runtime version supported by this application is unavailable.
Using default runtime: v4.0.30319"

This is totally fine. Ignore it. And go to step 10.

10) WAIT....

I had to wait well over a minute before suddenly, the client opened on my screen. I was able to open the league file (.stc.) with no problems.
PM ME if you need ANY help. I hope I can help all of you out with this. These instructions SHOULD work but they were a little difficult for me to follow the first time so don't feel like you're doing something wrong if it's not working right away. There's probably a small, easy fix.
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