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Default Stronger rules in the Buy & Sell sub forum

So as someone who occasionally posts items for sale in that sub forum, I’m a bit concerned with the recent pile on going on in this posted sale:

I understand there’s a rule against critical posts, but are posts where it’s clear that people are just making fun of the item, the OP and the thread itself necessary? Sure, some CPers think it’s a ridiculous item and the dollar number for the ask is ridiculously high, why make disingenuous posts and make it more challenging for the seller? I’m of the opinion where Buy and Sell should be a “serious posts only”. Even Facebook buy and sale groups have stricter rules than here.

I’ve made some great sales on CP before and I’ve got a couple of items I’m recently looking sell. However, seeing this going on is not giving me much confidence in posting in the Buy & Sell as a seller

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