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The Big Ern Cashes Out at Sobeys

Brian McGattan makes CPHL history with the Carolina Hurricanes last night by scoring his 11th goal of the season in 4-3 victory over the New York Rangers. Brian become the first ever player CPHL to accomplish the league’s Sobey’s sponsorship reward that rewards it’s organization with a 1.2M cap reward. The Sobey’s sponsorship is handed out to a projected player with an overall rating lower than 60ov with who scores 11 goals in a season. McGattan PP goal at 13.01 of the 1st period in the final game of the season was the goal need by the 57ov rated winger.

McGrattan finishes off the season with a total 11G 7A for 18PTS and an impressive 335 PIM (2nd most in the league) in 76 games.

After the game the humble McGattan was quick to give credit ti his teammates for the accomplishment “my 11 goals this season just goes to show you what an amazing and under-rated player John Tavares is in this league, The amount of open nets he gave me was unreal. He’s the best player in our league, and his back to back scoring titles prove it.” When asked about the coaches decision to play him on both PP’s lines and did he feel that the organization was pulling for him “Ya, I think coach Lindy Ruff pulled a trick out of KevenGuy ‘s hat, THE Brian Holzinger or something lik that…. Actually the organization has been supporting me for a very long time now, truly blessed to be playing here in Carolina, not only the early years as I worked my way up from the minors but also for ‘Canes for bringing me back last year and then rewarding me with a 3 yr term in the summer… but to go out and invests another 950K in me like they did with sponsorship hopes really cemented it. It feels great to cash in on one of them, hopefully it’s not done there and I can bring home another for our GM”

Congratulation to Brian McGattan on a fabulous season, I actually had a lot of fun trying to accomplish this sponsorship
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