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Originally Posted by Cheese View Post
Defenseman Johnny Boychuk announced his retirement Wednesday due to an eye injury suffered during the 2019-20 NHL season.
"I don't even think it was a decision. When you play with it and realize there's something wrong, and then you go and get tests, it really wasn't a decision; it was a life choice, I guess," Boychuk said in a news conference.

Really thats all that should matter to us. The NHL doesnt live by our contracts, neither should we follow theirs.
I don't disagree but the league GMs voted not to make any changes until after the season.
So based on how we've been applying the rule - Seabrook like the others can stay for this season.

I'm highlighting if people aren't happy with that, we can re-visit the decision not to make any changes this season. Or we ride it out and fix this in the summer.
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