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Default 2020-21 Raptors and General NBA Thread

Oh yeah the season starts tonight. I don't really have any deep thoughts, it's gonna be a weird season and on paper it looks far less open then last year did with the Lakers huge favorites (yawn....). Raps will still be competitive, but they appear to be 4th in the East at best with the Nets superteam online and the Celtics and Bucks. I guess the big thing for the Raps is Siakam, he was terrible in the bubble and really regressed. If he gets back to his early season form last year they'll be right there for the top 4, but if not then I imagine the Raps will be sellers by the deadline. With the Giannis dream dead this could also be the last competitive season for the Raps for a couple years, so I guess we should try and enjoy it.
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