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I briefly regretted giving up 77 overall Bryan Rust before I realized that Columbus has to re-sign him to a nonsense grid contract.

Anyway here's our ok team. I wish I hadn't traded Karlsson, but I guess I needed to satisfy that condition. Still, a 1st and Pavelski isn't a terrible return.

Parise (72) - Pavelski (71) - Brown (70)
Neal (70) - Eller (72) - Labanc (67)
Bellemare (67) - Carter (69) - Nieto (66)
Caggiula (65) - Sheahan (65) - Clutterbuck (65)

Myers (71) - Stralman (69)
Pettersson (69) - Zaitsev (68)
Sekera (66) - DeMelo (67)

Lehner (85)
Francouz (82)

Top-tier goalie tandem, for sure. Hope I can afford to sign Pavel.

As for my RFAs... well it looks like they're all going to be cheap, which is nice. But man this is somewhat underwhelming (as per usual with my team's re-rates, for some reason).
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