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Default R-r-r-r-re-rates! Now with G-g-g-g-grids!

Folks, here are the re-rates for the upcoming season.

With grids:

A few pieces of guidance
- Do not concern yourself with how much a player has increased or decreased in ratings. This is misleading. More look at if they've moved up or down in terms of how they are ranked against their peers.

- No ratings package is perfect. We have not tweaked these nor will we. That is a slippery slope that introduces subjectivity into something. Instead we will all live with the mostly good, a little bit of bad, with a 3rd party package

- Keep in mind the OVR is just a formulaic total of each attribute. OVR by itself doesn't define how good a player is in the sim, the individual attributes are. Moreover, certain attributes can be reasons why some guys are rated higher. As an example, the ST rating is based on the player's size, so bigger players get a boost from that. There are examples of goalies and dmen who have high OVR, but driven a lot by a high ST rating.

- Players who didn't play AHL/NHL last season are likely not going to be included, and won't have playable ratings for next season.

You are welcome to discuss the ratings, but remember - we aren't adjusting these. We take the off the shelf as is and we have done an overall evaluation to conclude that this package is good overall.

As a great TV show once stated "you take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have...our new ratings".

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