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Originally Posted by TurdFerguson View Post
By the rules, I think he should go to the first bidder as he has no NHL experience (really, no different then someone like Victor Fasth). Although, if CG wants to put 9.99/3yr offer for him then I'm all for that.

He wont really have much of a rating and cant be placed in the minors without going through waivers (based on age) so he has little immediate positive impact that would warrant a special case in my books.
Well, with Feaster basically saying that he'll be a top 6 forward, it makes it a little different from the other non NHL free agent prospects. It also didn't help that there was very little notice about his signing with a team or even rumour that he would sign with a team in the NHL. Basically if you just happened to be online at the right time you get a young top 6 forward for 3 years at 750K.

Doesn't matter to me either way though.
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