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I just wanted to give a bit of a testimonial/recommendation for Locke. I've used him personally for the past few years and I definitely should've bitten the bullet and done it sooner! I have plenty of tax training and awareness being a Certified Financial Planner and having taken a number of courses in the area. So I figured I could just file my own taxes and take care of everything....and I did. I think in the first visit to Locke I realised that for a number of years I failed to claim about $5-$7k in write offs a year. In case you're bad at math that's a fair amount of money that I would've preferred not to give to the government!

The lesson I learned here is that while I might think that I have the expertise and knowledge to deal with these things, Locke does this everyday, and all day everyday. While I go through a tax return once every twelve months he's seen plenty of them. So he just takes care of things and I just get my junk together, show up and he takes care of it. While I doubt that everyone will find missed deductions in the same amount as mine, the fact is that having a professional do this for you is not only smarter because its done properly, its more convenient!

I will also add that he has given me all kinds of advice in terms of some of my various plans and how they might affect my taxes going forward. I have referred others to him as well and never heard a bad word back.

tl;dr I would recommend Locke. If you ask really nice he might even pour you a small scotch to dull the pain of your tax bill!
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