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What a craptastic game that was so I'm pretty drunk and I'm not entirely sure if it's my pick or not but how about we just put this second round of pool B drafting out of its misery already, lol.

If it is my pick, I'll be cool and pass on Hurley to take the kid Micheal Yerger

Pool B

cammy13 - Bradley Klehege - Desirre Afuye??
trackercowe - Chris Noble - Donathon Hurley??
Iceman57 - Sebastian Noel - Micheal Yerger??
rumy - Brendan Shapiro - Stephanie Johnson
droopydrew19 - Jenna Bowman - Laurel Johnson
KootenayFlamesFan - Morgan Ricke - Kellyn Bechtold
csnarpy - Angela Perkins - James Lin
Cheese - Wendell Holland - Stephanie Gonzalez
Regulator75 - Chelsea Townsend - Chris Noble
ratech - Domenick Abbate - Sebastian Noel
Tron_fdc - James Lin - Angela Perkins
Iggy_12 - Libby Vincek - Chelsea Townsend
bigtmac19 - Laurel Johnson - Bradley Klehege
WhiteTiger - Stephanie Gonzalez - Morgan Ricke
Yoho - Donathan Hurley - Wendell Holland
killer_carlson - Michael Yerger - Libby Vincek
Otto-matic - Stephanie Johnson - Jenna Bowman
Puxlut - Kellyn Bechtold - Domenick Abbate
GreenLantern - Desirre Afuye - Jacob Derwin
savardandjokinen - Jacob Derwin - Brendan Shapiro

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