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Originally Posted by trackercowe View Post
Doesn't seem all that fair when I was never messaged that my pick was up by the person before me. That's just a common courtesy.
Perhaps, but this is straight out of the 'Rules' post I made:

PLEASE NOTE: That you are responsible for monitoring the thread and making your picks when it's your turn. Do not depend on getting a PM Notification to tell you when it's your turn. There have been some problems in the past with PM's not going through or not being sent. While I ask that folks send the next person in line a one is OBLIGATED to...please don't miss your pick because you were depending on/waiting for a PM that didn't come.
This has been a problem for the last 3-4 seasons, with PM's going astray or not being sent. Yes, it's a courtesy, but one that can't be depends on. Which is why I've put into into the Rules to please keep up with the thread.
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