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Originally Posted by Eric Vail View Post
From my perspective, the CFL is pushing to reduce the ratio because they are mostly run by Americans who don't see the value in starting Canadians. Most coaches and GMs feel it would be easier if they didn't have to take the time to identify, draft and develop Canadian talent. Dave Sapunjis is too much work. Let's just go with Pee Wee Smith is the way many of them think. The best coaches/GMs figure it out.

Canadian players live here year rounds and are the ambassadors for the teams and the league. Americans mostly just go home after the season.

Reducing the ratio is short sighted and will result in less interest in the CFL in the long run. It is a bad move.

Eric, you have been screaming the sky is falling and the CFL is on it's last legs for at least 30 years.
First of all the league owners are the decision makers in the league and they are all Canadian. The CFL has an annual national draft so clearly teams scout and identify Canadian talent so don't make it sound like it's something new that teams are struggling with. The issue is that most nationals are inferior to american talent and the ones that aren't command twice the amount of money in contracts than an equivalent american player because of the limited supply of quality national talent. How many premier national talents can you name today? Give it a try.

You don't think the Stamps offense would be better if they could replace Mayala and/or Sindani with another Josh Huff or Kamar Jorden? As frustrating as Ambles was he was still twice the player of any of the Canadian WR's on the roster. It's hard for you to win this argument when the league itself is backing me on this one. The only fans that care about the ratio are the crusty old fans that do not represent future fandom of the league. The CFL badly needs to gain the attention of younger demographics and they don't care about player passports. They just want to watch a good sports product and I think we can all agree the last few seasons of the CFL have not been that.
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