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Originally Posted by HockeyIlliterate View Post
Isn't the developer (Brad Lamb) allegedly Toronto's "condo king" and the same guy that goes around Canada giving seminars on how to invest in real estate?

I find it inconceivable to think that whoever bought the 6th and 10th site ever actually visited the place in person before signing the purchase contract.

Who thought that it would be a good idea to put up a high-end condo development next to the bottle depot, across from a relatively trashy parking lot, and a block from the railroad tracks?

If anyone did any local market research before starting the proposed development, I'd be greatly surprised.

And it isn't like the developer really cares about the place now---there is graffiti on the show suite and on the banner ads in the parking lot, and the throw-some-bark-down landscaping is not very well maintained. Not a good first impression for potential buyers...

Also, the asking prices (even with the "discount") are unsupportable, in my view. I can only wonder why the advert doesn't mention the free 6:30 am alarm clocks that the residents on the eastern side of the building will get to enjoy, along with the lovely aroma of soured milk, alcohol, stale cigarettes, and sweat that will waft into their windows each afternoon.
How do you think these areas get redeveloped? Do you think the bottle depot will be there forever? Do you think the empty lots across the street will be that way for eternity? I give huge accolades to Lamb for signing onto this location. This will be a catalyst vs a stand along stupid decision.
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