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Originally Posted by djsFlames View Post
Thankfully we're still on the decline it appears. But what happens east of us eventually happens here.

I am wondering whats taking us so long to drop below that elusive 300 case/day mark though. Every valley between waves to this point has seen daily cases drop much lower than this and more quickly, and now we have a large contingent of the population fully vaxxed. Doesnt seem to add up, outside of winter playing in.

Edit- looks like we're in the mid 200s now. Thats good.
Essentially people behaving as if there are zero restrictions other than masks and Vax passports. This is the least growth we have scene while under the least restrictions. I’m between the other waves as son as restrictions lifted we started the weekly 5-30% growths.

We have been hanging slightly below an rT of 1 so shrinkage is really slow. Hopefully getting kids vaxxed will help keep it flat.
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