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Originally Posted by Arsenal14 View Post
Ouch. I'm definitely going to need to get DAZN now, but now my question is going to be whether it's worth paying for cable and/or TSN Direct/Sportsnet Now.

Just out of curiosity how many simultaneous connections does DAZN allow?

List of all their properties is on their website here if it helps:

Understand you can get jays games with no blackouts on MLB tv if that's your thing, price goes down massively halfway through the season and I think starts around 100 bucks.

DAZN obviously already has all the NFL games, only other big 4 sport outside NHL is NBA, not sure how that works as far as streaming.

For me living in BC I can get NHL gamecentre and get all the Flames games except the ones blacked out on Pacific when they play the nucks but I can see how for you guys in AB it would be tricky because you still need Sportsnet to see the flames right?
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