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3 year deal too so this is reasonable long term. I have no issues with SN or TSN's coverage... just the cost, pay for a cable package or real high prices month to month for go or now. Also the lack of on demand in the Apps as it's not always possible to get up and watch at 6 am. If it had been on one channel/app only and I could have gotten it for $15 bucks I'd have happily subscribed forever. Which I'll now have plus I can follow Fiorentina again a bit.

I wonder if they will have some kind of highlights show like setanta/fox did in the past that would be great as I like watching the couple clubs I follow but it's nice having a quick run down of the other games beyond the single clip they show post game.

Also... what is DAZN missing now soccer wise? CMNT, MLS, FA Cup and Bundesliga are the only big properties I can think of.
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