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Originally Posted by LChoy View Post
Are there any issues or concerns I should know about before enabling Secure Boot and TPM 2.0?
Apparently my PC needs those things before I can upgrade to 11. Windows provide instructions on how to enable these things, but wanted to check to make sure I don't mess anything up if I do

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Secure Boot is typically enabled by default, onboard TPM 2.0 being enabled is a crapshoot. But if they aren't -- and provided you don't have BitLocker encryption already enabled on your hard drive -- you should be able to enable both of those things without any issue. You can check by looking at your system drive in Explorer and seeing if there is an unlocked padlock icon by your C: drive.
If your drive already has BitLocker turned on, disable it or make sure you have your recovery key handy.

Originally Posted by Hemi-Cuda View Post
Personally I'm waiting at least until Android app functionality is rolled out. That's the point where it offers something significantly new compared to 10, and hopefully by then the performance issues are figured out and Microsoft gets their heads out of their asses in regards to the taskbar oversimplification
It's here, go play: I can confirm that installing it that way allows it to update as normal through the Microsoft Store app afterwards, my home machine did this morning.
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