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Originally Posted by DuffMan View Post
You seem to watch the view plenty.
Too much actually, too much. The un-benefits of the unemployed, I suppose. Feel I should revise 'avid viewer' to specify 'not a fan'.

Anyways, the bold parts, are you talking about them talking about things like obsessing about his mistake of Alabama getting hit by tornado, and all of his lies and sharpie altered maps trying to cover it up?
Those sort of things? Real life kind of things?
I'm not talking about anything in particular. I'm generalizing to make a point.

If you want to hear about socialism etc. You should watch faux

Letís try again, you understand why people hate the left, can you elaborate just a little? Iím curious.
Sure, qualify my statement.

Watching her talk over someone to make a quick Trump insult, or disregard a conservative opinion in a condescending and dismissive way, most of the time to just get a filmable reaction from the audience, is insufferable. It's embarrassing me as a liberal person.

With a small measure of empathy it should not be difficult to comprehend how her rhetoric can make otherwise minded individuals hate it. I'm on her side most of the time and it drives me up the wall.

Though, it may not totally be her owning since TV demands stereotypes.
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