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Originally Posted by Scroopy Noopers View Post
Well Iím not arguing with you on price. You said the range isnít there. And I guess that depends how often you find yourself doing that.

I see this going to similar territory as ďdo you really NEED a pick up truck. How often do you NEED to lug things around? 5 times a year?Ē

How often do you NEED a vehicle that exceeds 500 km between 45 min charging? Seems like a silly point to get hung up on.

Ps. You donít even need to plan it, the Teslaís do that for you.
Yeah itís cool how the Tesla will show you all of the charging stations in range, and thereís more and more being added all the time. I even noticed thereís a supercharger in Strathmore.

I rarely drive further than a typical EVís range, and when I do I usually rent something anyway, so I would have no problem buying one as a daily driver.

Iím still waiting for an electric van to come out so I can buy one for my business.
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