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I cannot believe that we have a vet player in Lucic, who is 'in the room' as people like to say, comes out and say that players are expecting games to be easy and not turning up on certain nights, and some of CP scream that he is just there to protect Ward seriously?

Some people really need to let go of the idea that the players can do no wrong and are never at fault, it is all on Ward. The man has his warts and certainly isn't getting the best from the group but at the end of the day if players are just coasting, whether they don't like the coach or his system or whatever, that is on them and no amount of stick tossing or hugs, depending on the type of coach you are, is going to change that.

For someone of Lucic's experience to come out and say what he did is a massive red flag to me and tells me that there is something really wrong in that changing room and the coasting players need to be weeded out, because at this level there is no excuse for taking a night off. I don't care if they are 1st line, 4th line or #1D either bring it every game or get off the bus.
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