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Default Historic NHL Game Summaries

I'm starting this thread in the off-topic forum in order to have one place
to post random summaries of historic games.

These posts will follow the format I started in the Spring of 2020 during
the main Covid shutdown period when there was no NHL action.
That 4-month thread with daily game reports from the Flames 1989 Stanley Cup season is here:

This is a spin-off of that with the games in a similar format.
At that time, I mentioned that I had similar reports for every NHL game played from 1961 thru 1991, and intermittently from that point forward
including all Flames' games through 2001.

Since the time that thread was completed, I received occasional
requests from people who were looking for specific games for
various personal reasons. Things like "do you have the first game I ever attended in 1966???"

I then would post them in scattered places here on CP, so I thought
it would make more sense to have one thread for when the situation
arises to keep them together and make them easier to access.

This week I got a private message from a CP member for a Flames' exhibition game from 1995, so below is that game.

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