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Originally Posted by Dion View Post
I can do my SUV for $4 and get a good wash job.
Originally Posted by Lubicon View Post
Interestingly I have found the opposite and a wand wash is usually $3-4 less than an automatic one and unless I use a true touchless automatic wash they don't do a good job anyway.
Originally Posted by Fuzz View Post
The drive thru's suck. They use recycled water, anything with mechanical crap touching your vehicle is ruining the paint, and I find them more expensive. I can soap and wax for $4.00 and wash the underside at the place I go to. Which I'm not telling you about, because it's already to busy for my liking.
I can't seem to find a decent wand wash that I can clean my truck for under $10, there's a few that are cheaper but they're generally crappy, cold water with almost no soap.

For the same price, newer auto ones seem to work pretty well. Happy to see more and more touchless ones too, they don't mess up the paint plus I can't use the brushes since they would screw up all my antennas and crap on my roof anyway

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