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I used to love going to The Attic on 8th Ave., back when it was across from The Bay. This was way before A&B Sound set up shop in the old Bank of Montreal building so I'm talking mid- to late-80s. I didn't have much money back then but I would scrape whatever money I had from my paper route or my job as a busboy and would buy something there (a cassette tape or a 12" or a t-shirt) at least a couple times a month. Now one can find whatever one wants online but back then, hunting for cool music or music paraphernalia (for a reasonable price) was so much fun.

There was also a Music World at the corner of 8th Ave. and 1st Street SW that had a really great collection of 12" and laser discs.

There was also a really cool record store on MacLeod Trail in the late-80s. It was located in the building where Blind Beggar Pub is located now. I only went there a few times as it was quite the trek for me from Castleridge on public transit but it had a wonderful selection of punk and indie (or college radio, as indie was called back then) music. I keep thinking it was called A&M Records but that can't be right and it must be my foggy memory conflating the name of the store with the record label but somehow, that's the only name I can come up with for that store.
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