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Took the plunge and got our first "official" Lego set (Harry Potter Hogwarts Great Hall) via the Amazon sale. Our daughter is a little older and hasn't had a huge interest in Lego, but she is tearing through the books this summer so we thought we'd give it a try.

Newb question -- are the instructions pretty self explanatory? And once it is built, do most people just display them? I can see them playing with the little figures and such (which I'm fine with), but our kids are the type that will lose/misplace parts at their earliest opportunity, and my OCD will not like that very much...

Awesome. We have that one. Instructions are pretty easy to follow. My son plays with his sets and dismantles them and makes different creations. I was hoping the batcave would stay together, but it didn't. The only set he's not allowed to dismantle is the millenium falcon, because it's mine. If I were to get the Saturn or the mars lander, I'd probably put rules on those two as well. I'm more like Lord Business.
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