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I'm not trying to paint these kids as valedictorians. I'm just having a hard time with the villanizing, and I'm seeing a lot that is just vile (not here). It's frustrating cause it's not all fair. A young man lost his life in a f'd up situation, and I get that it wasn't the farmer who started it.
Again, you made the conscious effort to call them kids to defend your own narrative that his wasn't an adult criminal. He wasn't a kid.

I'm sorry, but when you decide to start a crime spree with a loaded weapon and put innocent people at risks for your life, it's not villainizing, it's simply being a villain.

With that said, yes, he didn't deserve to die and yes, I believe it's an extremely unfortunate situation. But with all the injustices in the world, you should be able to understand why some people aren't losing sleep because some criminal with a loaded gun who was on a crime spree is dead.
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