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Originally Posted by FireGilbert View Post
Infinity War is the GOAT of comic book movies.

I love TDK for the gritty realism, Ledger's performance, and the very relevant themes but it is not perfect. Ledger outshines everyone else, it is 20 minutes too long including that unnecessary Hong Kong scene, and the final act is just one big climax after another so when you get to the actual climax it feels a little underwhelming. I almost like Batman Begins more for having a simpler straight forward story despite the villain's ridiculous plan.
I like Infinity War, I think it's a great fun popcorn flick and it does some things better than TDK. It's certainly more bombastic, has more humor and larger fight scenes. But TDK is a much more grounded and realistic film, it's one of the greatest crime drama's in cinema history, up their with Heat or Goodfellas. TDK is like the complete opposite of IW, I mean look at how the main villain is approached. Heath Ledger gives an oscar winning performance as the Joker just a guy in clown make up. Josh Brolin is completely CGI portraying the mad Titan Thanos.

TDK is a film that will be talked about for the rest of time as being the one that really advanced the superhero film into another level, and I suppose maybe in 10 years we say the same thing about IW. However, everything about TDK is top notch from the amazing director in Nolan, great actors in Bale, Freeman, Ledger, Caine , brilliant practical effects and a perfect score by Hans Zimmer.
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