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Caught The Wolfman on Netflix last night.

A few things that surprised me:
  • I thought this was released in the 90's.
  • Heck, I change the above... I don't even recall this movie was even released.
  • A 35% RT rating. This is lower than Johnny English Strikes Again. Also lower than Leprechaun Returns. Wut.

So going into this movie with expectations lower than finding high art in the Cowboys tent, I wound up being moderately entertained by The Wolfman. I think it deserved a better fate.

Here are some things that it had going for it:
  • Benecio Del Toro (sp?), Anthony Hopkins, Emily Blunt and Hugo Weaving all vying to one-up each other to chew up the scenery. I think Hugo Weaving won.
  • Practical effects by Rick Baker who has basically done effects for... well, everything. I'll always give bonus points for practical effects.
  • Some great death scenes.
  • Am I the only person who feels Joe Johnston (Jumanji, Rocketeer, Captain America) is kind of an underrated director? Not the best storyteller, but this guy consistently nails mood and environment.

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