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Parsons for me. Kid is as legitimate a goalie prospect as they come. He isn't the best goalie prospect in the world, but I would put him into that second tier, and much better than any goalie that the Flames have drafted since Vernon - and yes, that's saying a lot. Who knows how he will develop, but I am betting that at some point this season there will be a "Tyler Fricken Parsons" thread.

Pettersen next for me, and it will signal the end of that first tier of prospects.

I can't believe some people think that this pool is shallow. There are so many prospects that I would rank as having solid middle-six potential left on the board - maybe even top 6 guys in Zavgorodny, Nikolaev and Sveningsson. Though I have him ranked considerably down the list due to his indifference when it comes to his compete level, Ruzika will be one of the more interesting prospects to watch down in the A. If the Flames can get him to train hard and compete hard all season, he will be in the running for the best prospect next season as his size + IQ + skill level is extremely attractive.

Maybe it is because the Flames haven't picked in the top 10 lately, and thus people just assume that the pool is shallow, but in my opinion it is rather deep. You can make the point on D that it is shallow, but everywhere else - including goaltending - should make you go to bed with dreams of a consistently good Flames' team for years to come.
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