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Mobsters - I watched it a couple of times. I re-watched it recently as I took an extra interest into mob stories.

License to Drive - The two Coreys. I haven't seen this one in years but I remember enjoying it in my younger years.

Couples Retreat - I enjoyed it. I laughed at it.

The Hangover Part 3 - I may have liked this one more than most because I was in Vegas when they were filming scenes for it. It certainly wasn't as good as the 1st Hangover, but it was immensely better than the 2nd one!

No Holds Barred - This actually is a truly terrible movie, but maybe I loved it so much because I was a Hulkamaniac as a kid?

Pixels - I guess it grew on me. My son wanted to see this for his birthday party a few years ago and I was like. meh., but then he had to have it on DVD and I've been exposed to it a few times since. I kinda like it.
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