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Originally Posted by Bring_Back_Shantz View Post
Staples is amazing.
He keeps saying that the Oilers can squeeze a team looking to shed salary because the Oilers have $3MM in cap space.

Dave....the teams that are looking to shed salary...are the ones with $3MM in cap space.
I dont think he is wrong...Oilers are better off waiting with cap space than spending their money on any of the scraps left. I think Calgary would consider a lopsided trade (e.g. Stone for a 7th or Frolik for the current Caggiula equivalent + a pick)...

I am not saying the above trades happen...but each of the teams he lists are willing to give up 3rd and 4th line players (good enough to play on the Oilers 2nd or first line). In terms of FA scraps...I dont see anyone that would be better value.
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