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Originally Posted by Oling_Roachinen View Post
I don't think Buffalo gets enough discredit for these young guys. They're nearly as bad as Edmonton in developing.

Armia, Grigorenko, Girgensons, Zadorov, and Nylander have all been really big disappointments compared to expectations, even tempered expectations.

Ristolainen was looking like a future number 1 stud, but he stalled heavily. Reinhart, not a bad player especially last year, hasn't really lived up to his expectations though.

Too early to call on Mittelstadt.

Clear passes on Eichel and Dahlin but that's probably despite the Sabres.
Reinhart isn't really a bust or a failed player. If you watched him as a junior he was never going to blow you away with any one part of his game. He's just a solid player who can produce reasonably well at both ends of the ice.
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