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Originally Posted by Coach View Post
I would imagine the dragon and music will both be prevalent, as will the main undercover storyline. Looks like that trailer footage was mostly from a climactic battles scene likely near the end.

Doesn't look like there's a role for Mushu the dragon on IMDB. Maybe they cut it, or possibly keeping tight lips on casting? If there is a dragon I wonder who would voice it. It's not like Eddie Murphy is gone, so there's no reason he can't do it again. Or maybe they get someone more current with a similar energy like Kevin Hart, Keegan-Michael Key or even Jordan Peele.
Guess not:
According to The DisInsider, Mushu, a character that was voiced by actor Eddie Murphy in the original Disney animated film, will be replaced by a Phoenix in the live-action remake. That isn't the only change the site is reporting, however, as it goes on to say the movie will only use the original music as instrumentals, instead of having the characters sing the songs.
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