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I'm reminded of this thread:

And the theory behind what makes a song happy:

Jolij's final equation of Feel Good Index (FGI) includes the sum of all positive references in the lyrics, the song's tempo in beats per minute and its key. The higher a song's FGI, the more feel-good it is predicted to be. Happy lyrics, a fast tempo of 150 beats per minute (the average pop song has a tempo of 116 beats per minute), and a major third musical key all help create music we perceive as brimming with positive emotion.

“The number one feel-good song is 'Don't Stop Me Now' by Queen — it's quite a bit faster than the average song, plus it's in a major key that works quite well, and if you look at the lyrics, they are very positive,” said Jolij. " 'Don't Stop Me Now' is an excellent example of a feel-good song.”
BTW, "Love Shack" turns 30 today.
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