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Originally Posted by Erick Estrada View Post
Boring is definitely for better. Free agency is like a sugar high for fans. We all get excited that our team may be in on some big names and when they bring in a new guy it brings with it optimism. In the long run it usually ends up as a regretful period for the team and fans as the majority of the contracts handed out on the first week of free agency turn out bad for teams. It's a week that's more for players to cash in than than where teams actually better. Teams get better these days via the draft and trades as when's the last time the Flames got better after free agency? Hudler or Frolik? Not exactly a ringing endorsement for free agency. The best signings are usually the under the radar signings in the later weeks where the contract values are more inline with expected player performance.
It's one of those binge drinking nights with friends as a teenager where you convince yourself it'll be the greateat thing ever and that brutal morning after is the following season.

That said if the Flames could conceivably move cap to orchestrate bringing in a Panarin, Duchene or Lee, although unlikely, then you're getting a guy that will justify the arm and leg you paid in the first couple seasons at least because they have a skill level you dont often get with FAs.

It's overpaying for middling/second tier ones that don't really move the needle at the end of the day that you want to avoid.

Eg. Ferland. Only at a discount.

I'd rather we pull off a good hockey trade with contracts going both ways that doesn't add to the cap.
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