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Originally Posted by Flash Walken View Post
huh, that's weird.

I posted this in January:

Originally Posted by Flash Walken View Post
He's carrying around brick layers and scoring at an impressive rate 5-5.

The 8.5 million draisaitl contract is the starting point in my mind.
Originally Posted by Flash Walken View Post
The argument though is that Tkachuk isn't just producing first line offense, he's doing it with plumbers on the second line AND he is doing it largely in a defensive role...
Well that is NOT the argument being made in that article, since the notion that Mikael Backlund is a "plumber" is completely ridiculous.

The argument being made more simply is this: Leon Draisaitl scored 77 points entering his second contract, and parleyed that into an $8.5 m cap hit. At the time the contract was 11.3% of a $75 m salary cap. By precisely the same ratio that would amount to $9.4 m on the basis of next year's $83 m salary cap, and would thus be a reasonable projection for Tkachuk's value since he scored an identical 77 points in the last year of his ELC.

In other words, Tkachuk's valuation has nothing to do with playing alongside Michael Backlund, as if that is some sort of detraction.
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