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Originally Posted by Poe969 View Post
Bit of a bump but I was hoping I could pick the brains of some of you guys who are into comics more than I've been in the past couple of years.

With the whole marvel universe reboot coming up, I'm looking at jumping back into things and I've been trying to find out what to follow but I really can't figure things out. I'm a fan of Iron Man, The Avengers, Spiderman or any larger event like the actual Secret Wars that's starting it off. As much as I'd love to be able to get them all, I'll probably only follow 2 or maybe 3 titles plus the occasional larger event. What do you guys recommend to follow?
Originally Posted by troutman View Post
I stopped collecting the Avenger team books - too inter-galactic and hard to follow. I don't want to have to understand quantum physics in a comic book. I get tired of the universe being at risk of ending in every issue.

I like the more personal stories - ex. Black Widow, Iron Fist, Moon Knight and Deadpool (he is "dying" next issue, is the series over?). The one team book I get now Is Guardians of the Galaxy. The new Star Wars series really has the look and feel of the original movie.
I slogged through Hickman's runs on FF, Avengers, and New Avengers. And while I enjoyed it on some level, on another level it was like trying to follow an opaque flowchart. So I hear your concerns.

One nice thing about Secret Wars is that everything's being re-started and things will be in flux -- so you can jump into anything and you'll be in the same place as everyone else. Even if you don't follow the core mini series, there will be tons of new books featuring a mix of characters, classic arcs/runs, and past events.

For Avengers, A-Force, Civil War, 1872, or Giant Size Little Marvels: AvsX will be offered. Iron Man will be featured in Armor Wars. Spider-Man will be in Spider-Verse and ASM: Renew Your Vows. There will be pretty good creative teams on A-Force and Civil War. ASM:RYV looks like it will have the core Spider-Man creators and may be worth checking out.

For Deadpool, Deadpool's Secret Secret Wars may be fun. It takes place in the original Secret Wars mini from the 80s. And the Guardians team will be doing Guardians of Knowhere.

It's going to be a nutty summer and a new status quo with new books will be around by late-summer to late-fall. So enjoy the ride, or wait until later to check out the aftermath.
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