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Originally Posted by cDnStealth View Post
I've been following along with this story and I am not happy with how this has turned out. There isn't anything sexualized about the cover at all. She's fully clothed and the Joker just has his arm around her. Nothing about that image screams rape. If you put Robin in her place (complete with the single tear) I doubt we'd even be talking about this cover.
I don't have a problem with the cover either. From reading the articles, it seems most people who have a problem with it are either A) Batgirl fans who feel it doesn't fit the tone of her overall arc (which I can't comment on, I have no idea about her books) or B) Draws close comparisons with the Killing Joke, which is a great graphic novel, but in it Barbara is (***SPOILERS***) shot, paralyzed, and presumably sexually assaulted by Joker. Also, not sure how old Batgirl is in this run, but if she's a teenager, I can see how it could be "creepy" (but the Joker is creepy. That's kind of his thing). Either way, it seems as though the cover had nothing to do with story attached to it, so it makes sense to pull it.

It is a cool piece of work on it's own though.
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