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First Line Centre
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My suggestions:

- Vendome when it reopens. It was excellent, and unfortunately became a victim of the hipster crowd and the line ups were unbearable. I would have to show up at 8AM sharp to have a shot at getting out in under 15 minutes. Hopefully the renos will speed up service and add more space.

- As troutman has mentioned Wine Bar is excellent for food. I have eaten there a few times and it is really good. Love open kitchens and sitting at the bar is a great show watching staff work, especially on a Saturday night.

- No mention of Sidewalk Citizen? I love it. Awesome bakery for both sweets, and for lunch. The pizza, sandwiches, and salads are healthy and very tasty.

- Song Han Vietnamese I like. It isn't earth shattering good, but very solid. Eat there once every few weeks. Way better than the downtown Vietnamese, and good Sarurday or Sunday lunch spot. Also a good patio in the summer.

- EL Carito Mexican is very good as Nik mentioned. Hit that up every few weeks.

- FATS was a mainstay for me and my buddies for years. Was supposed to try the rebrand but haven't been able to make it.

- I like the Ramen place. It is good for what it is a nearby lunch spot wih good food. My wife doesn't, but I think she is just biased to Carino.

- Delicious Thai is our go to for cheap Thai food. I think it is decent for what it is. Much better than some other places in Calgary.

- Vero Bistro and Lava Dining are in my mixed reviews category. I went once to both and had a bad experience, went again and had a good one. Really threw me, as I can and can't recommend it.

- Chef's Table is one of my favorites in Calgary. Get the Chef Tasting. I haven't been in a year, but the last time we went were were seriously impressed. It was excellent. I did go another time during a taste of Calgary and it sucked, so I strongly recommend going at a normal time and getting the Chef's Tasting.

- I will also chime in on Julios Barrio. Never been, but I drive by and it is empty most of the time. Hopefully something good goes in there in the future.

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