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Rogers lowers download limits as Netflix looms

Rogers Communications, this country's second-biggest internet provider, is lowering the usage limits on some of its plans, just days after online video service Netflix announced it was expanding into Canada.

The company lowered the limits Wednesday on several of its service plans in Ontario, its main market. Users who signed up for the cable company's "Extreme" service after July 21 will be allowed 80 gigabytes of monthly usage, versus 90 GB for those who signed up before.
Customers who sign up for the "Lite" service will now get 15 GB, versus 25 GB before.
Rogers also simultaneously boosted the speed of the Extreme plan to 15 megabits per second from 10, while the Lite plan's speed was unchanged.
The company, which has 1.6 million internet subscribers second only to Bell Canada did not explain the changes and a spokesperson did not have an immediate comment.
The lower usage limits came two days after Netflix announced its plans to enter Canada this fall. Netflix has become popular in the United States by providing unlimited movies and television shows for a monthly subscription fee of $8.99 U.S.

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