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Originally Posted by mrkajz44 View Post
So I swapped on my winter tires over the weekend and was an idiot and lost the lug nut key for one of my vehicles. I've looked everywhere for it and can't find it - I think I must have accidentally left it on the final wheel when I was doing a change and it fell off when I drove it to put air in the tires. Anyway, a couple of questions:

1) Is this something a dealership can fix? Or will they just charge me a crazy amount and possibly damage something? I looked on YouTube and it looks like you can DIY this with a 12-point socket that is just slightly too small for the lug - anyone try this?

2) Once I get the locking lug nuts off, can I just buy 4 new lug nuts and put them on? Or is it bad to have different lug nuts on each wheel? Would I need to buy a full set of 20 to replace them? I bought the vehicle used and cannot find non-locking lugs anywhere

Thanks in advance!
What's the vehicle?
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