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Originally Posted by combustiblefuel View Post
Again its 2017 not 1950. If you dove into and assumed enough about anyone you may observe them as having different tendencies then your own giving you the feeling of them being different outside of what you personally would do.

I think the whole goalies are strange stigma follows they have always played more so out side of structured system. They have one goal and one goal only. Stop the puck at any costs. A foreward or d have systems in place for everything and plays fall threw when a player misses his target and positioning. Goalies do have a postion they are taught but after the first shot it is all free form. Just stop the little black disc from crossing the line. Abandon style and form just get the little disc.
I think you're reading a bit much into the comment.

We all know Kipper had some less than conventional tendencies that the team let slide. I'm not saying that's bad, just is.
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