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Default Looking for a GM

Hit the Net has had a GM pull the pin recently. Like the real NHL, The Arizona Coyotes need a new owner.

We've been running the league since the 2009 season. We have a good group of GMs, many from CP. The opening is in our original 30 team points league. With 30 teams each holding 23 NHLers and 15 prospects players are more spread out than smaller leagues. As a result GMs need to be on their toes to spot talent all the way through the depth chart.

The Arizona team has frankly suffered from a bit of neglect but it also has some quality players and good opportunities. The team is currently towards the bottom of the standings which will garner a top prospect in the draft this year. There is interest from a number of GMs in a few of these players which means opportunity.

Here's the bulk of the better known players and a list of all prospects:
Staal, Eric C,F - CAR
Backlund, Mikael C,F - CGY
Laich, Brooks C,F - WAS
Lowry, Adam (R) C,LW,F - WPG
Schenn, Brayden C,LW,F - PHI
Smith, Craig C,RW,F - NAS
Smith, Reilly RW,F - BOS
Horvat, Bo (R) C,F - VAN
Pirri, Brandon C,F - FLA
Burmistrov, Alex C,RW,F - WPG

Subban, P.K. D - MON
Carle, Matthew D - TB
Donovan, Matt D - NYI
Weber, Yannick D - VAN

Varlamov, Semyon G - COL

Phillips, Zack (R) C,F - MIN
Sundqvist, Oskar (R) C,F - PIT
Sutter, Brody (R) C,F - CAR
Bertuzzi, Tyler (R) LW,F - DET
Bozon, Tim (R) LW,F - MON
Hudon, Charles (R) LW,F - MON
Ritchie, Nick (R) LW,RW,F - ANA
Tambellini, Adam (R) C,F - NYR
Sislo, Mike RW,F - NJ
Bowey, Madison (R) D - WAS
Dougherty, Jack D - NAS
Matheson, Michael D - FLA
Ness, Aaron D - NYI
Aittokallio, Sami (R) G - COL
Gustafsson, Johan (R) G - MIN

The team also has all their prospect and UFA picks. If you're interested get in touch and I'll give you more details.

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