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I like TJ Brodie, he has proven to be a very effective partner for Giordano, and I think we underestimate how it's still tough to play top pairing minutes along an elite d-man.

Buuuut the issue is his only real value to us is from playing on the top pairing with Gio, and if he's not playing there then he's a 3rd pairing d-man for us right now.

Over the last 3 seasons he's just not good when playing away from Gio:

And the other issue for him is that he's also shown that Hamonic is much better away from Brodie - so really you aren't going to break up Hanifin-Hamonic for him.

If the trade return isn't there I'd personally still keep him and play him on the top pairing since they are still good together and I think Gio really likes playing with Brodie. (Plus I think Valimaki - Andersson would be fine together on pair 3 even though they are young).

But I do get why management would be shopping him considering our cap situation. I don't think anybody is taking Stone/Neal, so it ends up being Brodie/Frolik you look at moving.

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