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Default 5. Race, Gender, Sexual Preference, Religion, Political Views

Calgarypuck strives to be an inclusive community that welcomes members and input from all hockey fans.

We will not tolerate posts that express or advocate derogatory or harmful attitudes/actions, discrimination, objectification, prejudice, violence, or stereotyping based on race, ethnic or national origin, gender, sexual preference, age, or mental or physical disability.

We recognize that at times members post things in the heat of a discussion, or to be humorous. Excluding instances where posts are clearly hate-filled, moderators will give community members warnings and opportunities to adjust their behavior before resorting to more severe actions, which include infractions, suspensions and banning. The moderation team reserves the right to immediately ban any members who post severely offensive comments.

Religion and politics regularly lead to some of the more passionate arguments on our site. It is important that the opinions of others are respected in the course of such debates. Members should strive to not be inflammatory when discussing these topics. Having your idea questions does not count as inflammatory. Inflammatory posts will be removed and discussed with the community member who made the post. In threads where religion and politics are not the subject being discussed, religion and/or political leanings of posters will be considered irrelevant and subject to site moderation.

Posters should are encouraged to "discuss the topic, not the poster" and avoid personalizing any discussion. In addition, posters should across an entire group (e.g. "all Christians are...", "All Liberals feel...", etc) as this is often more inflammatory and informational.

At times posters will be asked to bow out of certain discussions if they are demonstrating they are being abusive or inflammatory. When necessary moderators will close specific threads temporarily or permanently when discussions get out of hand.
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