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Originally Posted by Blaster86 View Post
I am glad Luongo is out of this toxic mess and got to go where he wanted to go.

I am also glad we got more than a 2nd rounder that was offered by the Leafs last year.
I want to pass along my condolences.

I can count on one hand the amount of Vancouver Canucks fans that I've met or interacted with that I've liked personally who weren't d-bag hockey fans (lots of great people are bad fans so I want to make the distinction).

You are a good fan, a great poster and I can only assume your good qualities are applicable to you as a person as well. You don't deserve the clown show that is the Canucks head office.

I take great joy in watching the Canucks implode but I do understand there is collateral damage. On behalf of Flames fans i am sorry you have to suffer.
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