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I'm a canuck fan and long time follower of the CP forums (lived in Calgary for a while and the hockey talk here is better than canucks' boards). I signed up to say - why is everyone so mad about this line brawl? This wasn't dangerous to any of the players and it was way more exciting than the last few canucks-flames games.

The only person who did anything to apologize for is Tortorella, although watching him finally lose his mind in Vancouver was fun. Even that was really not a big deal; not sure what part of it was 'dangerous' as the NHL called it, maybe they were worried McGrattan would catch rabies if he had to subdue Torts? Rats don't carry rabies, so there wasn't even a risk of that.

Sure, the league hates this stuff so they're dishing out stiffer fines and suspensions then they do for headshots, but no harm was done. Other than the unfortunate asshat portion of our fanbase here, nobody out here is upset about this, and I don't see any reason for flames fans to be either. I look forward to the next time our teams meet, though I doubt we'll see a repeat performance.
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