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Maybe the idea behind leaving Iggy and Marty off the list was motivation. They were both going to be players who had legitimate chances of going to camp and not playing their way onto the team. Perhaps this way Yzerman and staff feel the can send a strong message: "show us you deserve to be on the roster during the first half of the season, cause right now we have our doubts". Could be they're wanted there, but the team wanted to make sure the didn't gain any sense of entitlement or become complacent. Iggy needs to prove himself a goal scorer again (and possibly someone who forechecks with the body as he used to, because, although its Russia and big ice, some physical intimidation would be nice) and Marty has to prove he can start on his team over a possible team USA member...that rant over, I feel Marty could play his way on, don't see Iggy doing it.
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