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Originally Posted by zamler View Post
The Bruins are in the zone, and I mean in the ZONE. I don't think Chicago can stop them.
I'd agree if the Finals were starting within the next few days, but it will probably be close to a week until they start, so I don't think the momentum will carry over much. It certainly didn't for the Penguins after their series with Ottawa.

Originally Posted by カナダ人です View Post
Had to double check this stat, but Iginla with only 11 minutes of ice time in an elimination game on a team that can't score?!

3rd liners get more than that. WTF?
Bylsma decided during game 2 that he was going to live or die with his guys. There's really no other explanation for his failure to change up the power play or to give Iginla a chance on the right wing on one of the top 2 lines once it was clear that Kunitz, Neal, Crosby and Malkin were all having brutal series.
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