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Originally Posted by Ark2 View Post
I stand by my statement. It seemed like a general consensus that, after getting knocked out in the first round year after year, that simply making the playoffs would not be considered mission accomplished. I am not sure if you lurked around here back when Brent Sutter and Bouwmeester were first brought in, but the sentiment then was that another first round exit would have been a huge disaster.
That is correct, when we signed Jaybo, it was expected that we would go much further in the playoffs with a top 4 D line up of

Jaybo, Phaneuf, Reger, Gio

The problem is, our management really screwed up.

When it was clear things aren't working, our owners didnt want to rebuild as the dome was consistently selling out so they didnt change the product.

Now here we are in 2013. Our line up isn't very good. There is no quick fix.

At this point instead of complaining about a 9-12th finish, would you rather
a) rebuild (trade Iggy, Kipper, etc)
b)hope that with the addition of guys like Hudler and Cervenka, we try our best to get into the playoffs with Hartley's new style of play?

I don't know if I can sit through the team getting gutted and rebuilt after missing the playoffs for 3 straight years. It would take another 3-5 years.

Once you trade the old guys like Iggy and Kipper and Tangs, you are literally left with a team full of NOBODYs that might not even make the AHL playoffs.

The way I see it, it's an absolute awful position to be in as a fan with no light at the end of the tunnel so what I'M choosing to do is understand that management messed up, understand our team is crappy and try to still enjoy watching the game (which is now easier with Hartley at the helm)

Ya it sucks to see how far we've fallen.
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