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Originally Posted by AR_Six View Post
You're right, it's not like Vancouver is the subject of disproportionate and hyperbolic attacks on its inhabitants and the character of the city on this board. People from there obviously just have massive persecution issues. It's really all in their heads.
I should point out that this is a Flames fan site. People will attack other teams on this board - especially teams that are rivals. I think Vancouver fits into that category.

I used to occasionally read a Canucks forum where the attacks on the Flames fanbase were at least as harsh as here. I remember this particular site referred to CP as "Bountiful" (comparing us to the notorious FLDS community in BC). What I don't remember is legions of Flames fans getting their panties in a knot every time someone insulted the team or the fans.

Compare the responses on this board of attacks on the Canucks to attacks on the Oilers. I think the argument can be made that Canucks fans are a rather thin-skinned bunch.

If this same situation happened in Calgary, and some Flames fan posted that the girl in question should "kill herself so I could dance on her grave", I would call them out on it. I would not look for a way to justify the anger of the person who posted that, or excuse his/her actions. It is disgusting behaviour, period. Especially in the wake of the Amanda Todd suicide, there is no way to condone this action.
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